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7-hour basic sailing course

Berlin, Germany
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Get to know the basics of sailing on the Scharmützel Lake during the 1-day basic sailing course near Berlin. Together with four other sailing students, you will discover many secrets of sailing in theory and practice on board a 10-meter sailing yacht. The aim of the course is to introduce the participants to sailing on board the yacht, to practice nautical handles, terms and knots and of course to sail a lot on the Scharmützelsee.After a short welcome and briefing, release the lines and trabel by motor onto the Scharmützelsee before setting the sails. Sail under different courses of wind, practice tacks, operate the rudder and lines, and lean some knots.At lunch time, you will anchor and prepare lunch together on board. Then, take a short theory lesson repeating the wind courses and maneuvers as well as the evasion rules, before lifting the anchor again.
What's included
  • Lunch
    Not included
    What To Expect
    • Learn the basics of sailing on Lake Scharmützel
    • Practice of maneuvers by sail and motor
    • Learn nautical handles, terms and of course knots
    • Enjoy lunch on board with your fellow class participants
    US$ 143
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